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Recent thematic and young investigator projects

Projects contracted in May and June 2015

Thematic projects
Epidemiological study of dengue (serotypes 1-4) in a cohort of São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, during 2014-2018
Principal Investigator: Mauricio Lacerda Nogueira
Home Research Institution: São José do Rio Preto School of Medicine/SDECTSP
Grant Number: 2013/21719-3
Duration: 06/01/2015 to 05/31/2020

Electromagnetic propeller systems for implantable artificial heart and mechanical circulatory support devices
Principal Investigator: José Roberto Cardoso
Home Research Institution: Polytechnic School/USP
Grant Number: 2013/24434-0
Duration: 04/01/2015 to 03/31/2020

Technological innovations to increase productivity in beef cattle: Nutritional and genetic interrelationships on puberty, reproduction and production; protocols for TAI; gene expression in reproductive processes
Principal Investigator: Alexandre Vaz Pires
Home Research Institution: Luis de Queiroz College of Agriculture/USP
Grant Number: 2014/14136-4
Duration: 06/01/2015 to 05/31/2020

Gauge/Gravity Duality
Principal Investigator: Victor de Oliveira Rivelles
Home Research Institution: USP Physics Institute
Grant Number: 2014/18634-9
Duration: 04/01/2015 to 03/31/2020

Use of green solvents and their mixtures for optimizing chemical processes
Principal Investigator: Omar Abou El Seoud
Home Research Institution: USP Chemistry Institute
Grant Number: 2014/22136-4
Duration: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019

Young investigator projects
Post-translational modifications in cancer and parasite infection diagnosis: methodological approaches and biological implications
Principal Investigator: Giuseppe Palmisano
Home Research Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences/USP
Grant Number: 2014/06863-3
Duration: 02/01/2015 to 01/31/2019

Research group on Renaissance and Contemporary music
Principal Investigator: Cesar Marino Villavicencio Grossmann
Home Research Institution: Art Institute/Unesp
Grant Number: 2014/15570-0
Duration: 06/01/2015 to 05/31/2019

Reaction mechanism of asymmetric catalysts by mass spectrometry and gas-phase vibrational ion spectroscopy
Principal Investigator: Thiago Carita Correra
Home Research Institution: USP Chemistry Institute
Grant Number: 2014/15962-5
Duration: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019

Enzymatic oxidation of sugarcane bagasse: discovery, characterization and new application of oxidative enzymes active in carbohydrates, applied to the enhancement of a fungal cell factory
Principal Investigator: Fernando Segato
Home Research Institution: USP Engineering School of Lorena
Grant Number: 2014/18714-2
Duration: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019

How does fire season affect Cerrado vegetation?
Principal Investigator: Alessandra Tomaselli Fidelis
Home Research Institution: Institute of Biosciences/Unesp Rio Claro
Grant Number: 2015/06743-0
Duration: 05/01/2015 to 04/30/2019

Open source software statistical tools to aid in analyzing and integrating large cancer epigenomic datasets in order to decipher and understand regulatory networks
Principal Investigator: Houtan Noushmehr
Home Research Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine/USP
Grant Number: 2015/07925-5
Duration: 06/01/2015 to 05/31/2019