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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator projects

Projects contracted between February and March 2013

Thematic projects
The organization and functioning of representative politics in the state of São Paulo between 1994 and 2014
Lead researcher: Rachel Meneguello
Institution: Center for Studies on Public Opinion/Unicamp
Case: 2012/19330-8
Term: 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2018

GIFT: genomic improvement of fertilization traits in Danish and Brazilian cattle (FAPESP-DCSR)
Lead researcher: Marcelo Fábio Gouveia Nogueira
Institution: School of Sciences and Letters/Unesp-Assis Campus
Case: 2012/50533-2
Term: 02/01/2013 to 01/31/2017

Agroindustrial waste and its potential use as appropriate Material for housing and infrastructure (agrowaste) (FAPESPANR-BLANC-AWAPUMAT)
Lead researcher: Holmer Savastano Junior
Institution: Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering/USP
Case: 2012/51467-3
Term: 02/01/2013 to 01/31/2017

Role of FC receptors in bacterial immune evasion (FAPESP/ANR-BLANC-FCBACEVA)
Lead researcher: Irineu Tadeu Velasco
Institution: School of Medicine/USP
Case: 2012/51468-0
Term: 02/01/2013 to 01/31/2016

Young investigator

Level of physical activity and fitness and its association with decline in pulmonary function in adults in the city of Santos, Brazil
Lead researcher: Victor Zuniga Dourado
Institution: Institute of Health and Society/Unifesp
Case: 2011/07282-6
Term: 02/01/2013 to 01/31/2017

Characterization of the gene regulatory network controlled by Coup-TFII in cardiomyocytes derived from embryonic stem cells
Lead researcher: Henrique Marques Barbosa de Souza
Institution: Institute of Biology/Unicamp
Case: 2012/09602-0
Term: 04/01/2013 to 03/31/2017

Role of short chain fatty acids and their receptor (GPR43) in the immune response to anaerobic bacteria in vivo and in vitro
Lead researcher: Marco Aurélio Ramirez Vinolo
Institution: Institute of Biology/Unicamp
Case: 2012/10653-9
Term: 01/01/2013 to 12/31/2016

Review of the clinical dimensional personality inventory (IDCP) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [5th edition] (DSM-5)
Lead researcher: Lucas de Francisco Carvalho
Institution: São Francisco University – Itatiba Campus
Case: 2012/12794-9
Term: 02/01/2013 to 01/31/2017

Response of the Western Atlantic Ocean to changes in the Atlantic Meridional overturning circulation: from millennial to seasonal variability
Lead researcher: Cristiano Mazur Chiessi
Institution: School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities/USP
Case: 2012/17517-3
Term: 03/01/2013 to 02/28/2017

The transport of grains as BED-LOAD and the instabilities of a granular bed
Lead researcher: Erick de Moraes Franklin
Institution: School of Mechanical Engineering/Unicamp
Case: 2012/19562-6
Term: 03/01/2013 to 02/29/2016