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Recent Thematic Projects and Young Investigator Awards

Projects for which contracts were signed in April and May of 2012

Thematic projects
Cellular signaling mechanism of a Trypanosoma in response to nutritional changes and genotoxic agents
Researcher in charge: Sergio Schenkman
Institution: EPM/Unifesp
Process: 2011/51973-3
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar/2016

Sepsis – Integrating basic research and clinical investigation II
Researcher in charge: Reinaldo Salomão
Institution: EPM/Unifesp
Process: 2011/20401-4
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2016

Neural mechanisms for regulation of hydroelectrolytic equilibrium and cardiorespiratory control. (FAPESP-MCT/CNPq-Pronex-2011)
Researcher in charge: José Vanderlei Menani
Institution: FO Araraquara/Unesp
Process: 2011/50770-1
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2016

Therapeutic use of ultrasound in acute and chronic coronary artery disease. Subproject 1: Therapeutic use of ultrasound and micro-bubbles in the rechanneling of acute myocardial infarction. Subproject 2: Safety
Researcher in charge: Wilson Mathias Junior
Institution: InCor/USP
Process: 2010/52114-1
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2017

Group actions, theory of sub-varieties and global analysis in Riemannian and Pseudo-Riemannian geometry
Researcher in charge: Paolo Piccione
Institution: IME/USP
Process: 2011/21362-2
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2017

Young researcher awards
Development of a new model of muscular hyperalgesia and study of the involvement of receptors p2x3 and p2x2/3 in muscular hyperalgesia

Researcher in charge: Maria Claudia Gonçalves de Oliveira Fusaro
Institution: FCA/Unicamp
Process: 2011/11064-4
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2014

Alterations of the nucleus and the chromatin throughout the cellular cycle and the senescence of mammalian cells
Researcher in charge: Julia Pinheiro Chagas da Cunha
Institution: Instituto Butantan
Process: 2011/22619-7
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2016

Evaluation of the biological role of peroxiredoxins in erythroid cellular differentiation and in erythrocyte genetic disease
Researcher in charge: Anderson Ferreira da Cunha
Institution: CCBS/UFSCar
Process: 2011/50358-3
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2016

Evolutive narratives in natural history museums
Researcher in charge: Maria Isabel Pinto Ferreira Landim
Institution: MZ/USP
Process: 2011/51754-0
Span: 1/Apr./2012 to 31/Mar./2016

Soils of the Nhecolândia Pantanal: characteristics, genesis and mineralogy
Researcher in charge: Sheila Aparecida Correia Furquim
Institution: ICAQF/Unifesp
Process: 2011/22491-0
Span: 1/05/2012 to 30/Apr./2016

Intermediality, aesthetics and politics in the Chinese cinema of Jia Zhang-ke
Researcher in charge: Cecilia Antakly de Mello
Institution: EFLCH/Unifesp
Process: 2011/20692-9
Span: 1/05/2012 to 30/Apr./2015