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Recent Thematic Projects and Young Investigator Awards

Projects granted in January and February of 2012

Thematic projects
Optical and structural properties of elastomers and complex fluids of biological interest

Researcher in charge: Antonio Martins Figueiredo Neto
Institution: IF/USP
Process: 2011/13616-4
Span: 1/Jul./2012 to 30/Jun./2017

Terahertz spectroscopy in the domain of time: development of analytical methods, signal processing techniques, and biochemical and fundamental studies
Researcher in charge: Célio Pasquini
Institution: IQ/Unicamp
Process: 2011/13777-8
Span: 1/Jan./2012 to 31/Dec./2015

Modularity and its evolutive consequences
Researcher in charge: Gabriel Henrique Marroig Zambonato
Institution: IB/USP
Process: 2011/14295-7
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2017

Development and availability of software for computational mechanical simulation: consolidation of LIM (IT and Computer Sciences Mechanics Laboratory)
Researcher in charge: Humberto Breves Coda
Institution: EESC/USP
Process: 2011/15731-5
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Impact of the Southern Atlantic on the global overturning circulation (MOC) and climate (Samoc). (Facepe/ANR)
Researcher in charge: Edmo José Dias Campos
Institution: IO/USP
Process: 2011/50552-4
Span: 1/Dec./2011 to 30/Nov./2015

Coqueiral Project: challenges for water quality in an urban environment – Recife city aquifers and use of the soil: how to deal with contamination and salinization of underground waters. (Facepe/ANR)
Researcher in charge: Ricardo Cesar Aoki Hirata
Institution: IG/USP
Process: 2011/50553-0
Span: 1/Dec./2011 to 30/Nov./2014

Development of systems for hydrogen production and for the generation and use of electrochemical energy. (FAPESP-MCT/CNPq-Pronex 2011)
Researcher in charge: Ernesto Rafael Gonzalez
Institution: IQSC/USP
Process: 2011/50727-9
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

e-Science models and methods for life sciences and agricultural sciences. (FAPESP-MCT/CNPq/Pronex-2011)
Researcher in charge: Roberto Marcondes César Júnior
Institution: IME/USP
Process: 2011/50761-2
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Center of excellence in physics and plasma applications. (FAPESP-MCT/CNPq-Pronex-2011)
Researcher in charge: Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão
Institution: IF/USP
Process: 2011/50773-0
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Origin and evolution of serpents and their diversification in the neotropical region: a multidisciplinary approach
Researcher in charge: Hussam El Dine Zaher
Institution: MZ/USP
Process: 2011/50206-9
Span: 1/Dec./2011 to 30/Nov./2016

Young Researcher Awards
Studies of the mechanisms of mitochondrial decoupling with non-sterified fatty acids as an obesity
prevention/treatment strategy
Researcher in charge: Luciane Carla Alberici
Institution: FCFRP/USP
Process: 2010/17259-9
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Molecular bases of resistance to leptin
Researcher in charge: José Donato Jr.
Institution: ICB/USP
Process: 2010/18086-0
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Low-power laser therapy in muscular fatigue and post-exercise muscle recovery: ideal application parameters and effects on long-duration exercise
Researcher in charge: Ernesto César Pinto Leal Junior
Institution: Uninove – Vergueiro Campus
Process: 2010/52404-0
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016

Molecular mechanisms involved in the modulation of spontaneous physical activity and development of obesity
Researcher in charge: Camila Aparecida Machado de Oliveira
Institution: ISS/Unifesp
Process: 2011/05932-3
Span: 1/03/2012 to 29/Feb./2016

Study of the thermal, mechanical and magnetic behavior of a quaternary alloy of Cu-Al-Mn-Ag
Researcher in charge: Ricardo Alexandre Galdino da Silva
Institution: ICAQF/Unifesp
Process: 2011/11041-4
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2015

Study of orbital maneuvers to avoid space vehicle collision with groups of particles
Researcher in charge: Vivian Martins Gomes
Institution: ICT/Unifesp
Process: 2011/13101-4
Span: 1/03/2012 to 29/Feb./2016

Development of new polymer scaffolds by electrospinning with incorporation of aligned nanotubes and nano-hydroxyapatite for bone regeneration
Researcher in charge: Anderson de Oliveira Lobo
Institution: IP&D/Univap
Process: 2011/17877-7
Span: 1/Feb./2012 to 31/Jan./2016