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Recent Thematic projects and Young Researcher awards

Projects for which agreements were signed in June and July of 2012

Thematic projects

The systems of free spaces in the constitution of the contemporary format of cities in Brazil: production and appropriation. QUAPA-SEL II
Researcher in charge: Silvio Soares Macedo
Institution: FAU/USP
Process: 2011/51260-7
Validity: 1/May/2012 to 30/Apr/2017

Production of knowledge about physical education: the impact of the postgraduate studies system in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil on the education and production of people with master’s degrees and doctorates working at teaching institutions
Researcher in charge: Silvio Ancisar Sanchez Gamboa
Institution: School of Education/Unicamp
Process: 2012/50019-7
Validity: 1/May/2012 to 30/Apr/2015

Obtaining and evaluating new varieties of canopies and rootstock for citriculture of fruit for eating
Researcher in charge: Mariangela C. Yaly
Institution: Agronomy Institute of Campinas
Process: 2011/18605-0
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2016

Contemporary economic rationales and spatial practices: mid-sized cities and consumption
Researcher in charge: Maria Encarnação Beltrão Sposito
Institution: FCT/Unesp
Process: 2011/20155-3
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2017

New cell, molecule and immune mechanisms of acute and chronic kidney lesions: looking for new treatment strategies
Researcher in charge: Niels Olsen Saraiva Câmara
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences /USP
Process: 2012/02270-2
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2017

Young Researcher Awards

The contribution of co-chaperonin STI1 in murine development: embryo stem cells as a research model
Researcher in charge: Marilene H. Lopes
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences /USP
Process: 2011/13906-2
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2016

The role of the tryptophane–kynurenin axis in regulating the immune response through the receptors of type NMDA glutamate in autoimmune experimental encephalomyelitis and in brain reperfusion and ischemia lesions
Researcher in charge: Jean Pierre Schatzmann Peron
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences /USP

The mitochondrial function during adipogenesis in white adipose tissue: the effect of fatty acids
Researcher in charge: Paula Bresciani Martins de Andrade
Institution: Unicsul
Process: 2011/51701-3
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2016

Metabolic effects of the omega-3 fatty acid in insulin resistance
Researcher in charge: Maria C. F. de Freitas
Institution: FMRP/USP
Process: 2011/09640-7
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2016

Study of dysfunctions of the innate immune response of HIV+ patients: correlation with immune and epigenetic alterations
Researcher in charge: Fabiani Gai Frantz
Institution: FCFRP/USP
Process: 2011/12199-0
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2016

Apoptosis in human salivary glands: evaluation of markers in the morphogenesis and the tumorigenesis of the gland using the pleomorphic adenoma and the mucoepidermoid carcinoma as models
Researcher in charge: Claudia Malheiros Coutinho Camillo
Institution: A.C. Camargo Cancer Hospital
Process: 2011/02051-6
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2016

Visible light during growth induces increase of conidia tolerance to different stress conditions in fungi
Researcher in charge: Drauzio E. N. Rangel
Institution: Univap
Process: 2010/06374-1
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2016

Contribution of the aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 enzyme in the progression of heart failure
Researcher in charge: Julio C. B. Ferreira
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences /USP
Process: 2012/05765-2
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2016

Acanthamoeba spp toxins as a virulence factor in superficial eye infections
Researcher in charge: Fabio R. S. Carvalho
Institution: EPM/Unifesp
Process: 2011/51626-1
Validity: 1/Jul/2012 to 30/Jun/2016

Functional characterization of a recently identified family of MUT9 kinases in Arabidopsis thaliana and sugarcane
Researcher in charge: Juan A. C. Mollano
Institution: Institute of Chemistry/USP
Process: 2011/50483-2
Validity: 1/Jun/2012 to 31/May/2016