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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator Projects

Projects contracted in May and June 2014

Thematic projects
50 years of feminism (1965-2015): new paradigms, future challenges
Principal investigator: Eva Alterman Blay
Institution: FFLCH/USP
Case: 2012/23065-8
Term: 01/04/2014 a 31/03/2017

Development of quantum sensors based on ultracold atoms
Principal investigator: Philippe Wilhelm Courteille
Institution: São Carlos Physics Institute/USP
Case: 2013/04162-5
Term: 08/01/2014 to 07/31/2019

The role of NAD(P)H oxidase in the physiological and pathological molecular mechanisms of insulin secreting cells
Principal investigator: Angelo Rafael Carpinelli
Institution: Biomedical Sciences Institute/USP
Case: 2013/08769-1
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2018

Molecular and functional study of membrane transporters
Principal investigator: Gerhard Malnic
Institution: Biomedical Sciences Institute/USP
Case: 2013/23087-4
Term: 05/01/2014 to 04/30/2018

Grape diseases: epidemiology, damage assessment and control
Principal investigator: Lilian Amorim
Institution: Luiz de Queiroz Agricultural College/USP
Case: 2013/24003-9
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2019

Modeling production and nutritional requirements of poultry and fish
Principal investigator: Nilva Kazue Sakomura
Institution: School of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Unesp Jaboticabal
Case: 2013/25761-4
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2019

Security and reliability of Information: theory and practice
Principal investigator: Marcelo Firer
Institution: Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences/Unicamp
Case: 2013/25977-7
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2019

Diversity and conservation of Brazilian amphibians
Principal investigator: Célio Fernando Baptista Haddad
Institution: Rio Claro Institute of Biosciences/Unesp
Case: 2013/50741-7
Term: 04/01/2014 to 03/31/2019

The origin and rise of dinosaurs in Gondwana (late Triassic – early Jurassic)
Principal investigator: Max Cardoso Langer
Institution: Riberão Preto Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Languages and Literature/USP
Case: 2014/03825-3
Term: 05/01/2014 to 04/30/2018

Use of mesenchymal stem cells in the CNS/PNS interface: repair of proximal lesions
Principal investigator: Alexandre Leite Rodrigues de Oliveira
Institution: Biology Institute/Unicamp
Case: 2014/06892-3
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2018

Young investigator projects
Serotonin and respiratory control in vertebrates
Principal investigator: Glauber dos Santos Ferreira da Silva
Institution: School of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Unesp Jaboticabal
Case: 2013/17606-9
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2018

Regulation of glucose metabolism by the bone: role of osteocalcin in insulin resistance and inflammation of adipose tissue and liver
Principal investigator: Daniela Tomie Furuya
Institution: Institute of Biomedical Sciences at USP
Case: 2013/18841-1
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2017

Sugarcane gene functional analysis in transgenic rice and lignin modified sugarcane for cellulosic ethanol production
Principal investigator: Paula Macedo Nobile
Institution: Agronomic Institute of Campinas/Saasp
Case: 2013/19214-0
Term: 06/01/2014 to 05/31/2017

Transforming Amerindian regional systems: the Upper Xingu case
Principal investigator: Antonio Roberto Guerreiro Júnior
Institution: Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences/ Unicamp
Case: 2013/26676-0
Term: 07/01/2014 to 06/30/2018