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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator projects

Projects contracted in August and September 2013

Thematic projects
Manipulation of atomic collisions in optical traps
Principal investigator: Luís Gustavo Marcassa
Institution: São Carlos Institute of Physics/USP
Grant Number: 2013/02816-8
Term: 09/01/2013 to 08/31/2017

Combinatorial structures, optimization, and algorithms in theoretical Computer Science
Principal investigator: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira
Institution: Institute of Mathematics and Statistics/USP
Grant Number: 2013/03447-6
Term: 08/01/2013 to 07/31/2017

Brazil, the Americas and the world: public opinion and foreign policy in 2013
Principal investigator: Maria Hermínia Brandão Tavares de Almeida
Institution: Institute of International Relations/USP
Grant Number: 2013/04495-4
Term: 09/01/2013 to 08/31/2017

Computational methods of optimization
Principal investigator: Sandra Augusta Santos
Institution: Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation/Unicamp
Grant Number: 2013/05475-7
Term: 10/01/2013 to 09/30/2018

Statistical mechanics of dissipative systems (group homepage:
Principal investigator: Roberto Luzzi
Institution: Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute/Unicamp
Grant Number: 2013/50231-9
Term: 08/01/2013 to 07/31/2017

Dimensions US-Biota São Paulo: multidisciplinary framework for biodiversity prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Principal investigator: Cristina Yumi Miyaki
Institution: Biosciences Institute/USP
Grant Number: 2013/50297-0
Term: 09/01/2013 to 08/31/2018

Young investigator grants
Utilization of lignocellulosic and glycerol wastes for production of catalysts with acidic properties
Principal investigator: Maraísa Gonçalves
Institution: Center for Natural Sciences and the Humanities/UFABC
Grant Number: 2011/22264-4
Term: 08/01/2013 to 07/31/2016

Development of mucin glycoconjugates with diagnostic and therapeutic applications in muscular dystrophies and cancer
Principal investigator: Vanessa Leiria Campo
Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Pharmaceutical Sciences /USP
Grant Number: 2012/19390-0
Term: 01/01/2014 to 12/31/2017

Escitalopram and transcranial direct current stimulation in   major depressive disorder: a non-inferiority double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study
Principal investigator: Andre Russowsky Brunoni
Institution: University Hospital/USP
Grant Number: 2012/20911-5
Term: 10/01/2013 to 09/30/2017

Protease activated receptors (PARs) in the  dentin-pulp complex:  identification, modulation and cell signaling during the development of dental caries
Principal investigator: Fabio Dupart Nascimento
Institution: Uniban
Grant Number: 2013/05822-9
Term: 08/01/2013 to 07/31/2017