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Center for Metropolitan Studies

São Paulo bus route map

cem / Daniel Waldvogel Georeferenced bus routes laid over a map of the São Paulo capitalcem / Daniel Waldvogel

Researchers interested in urban issues and public transport have been given access to a new online tool for analyzing municipal bus routes that cross the city of São Paulo. The tool—a database georeferencing the 2,349 routes that operated in the São Paulo capital in September 2015—has been made freely available by the Center for Metropolitan Studies (CEM) to any who registers on its website. The database provides information including itineraries, times of operation, dates that routes were created or extended, average daily passenger numbers, fleet sizes, payment methods, gratuities offered by the system, and companies responsible for running the routes. Political scientist Marcos Campos and geographer Daniel Waldvogel, from CEM, established the project using data from the website of São Paulo Transport (SPTRANS), a local authority that manages the municipal bus lines, all of which are operated by private companies. They then used the freedom of information act to access the remaining data. CEM’s Geographic Information System (SIG) was used to transform the database into a digital map.