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Scientific articles in 2017

Articles by authors based in Brazil and São Paulo

  • Researchers living in Brazil published 55,051 scientific articles1, of which 22,856 were published by authors based in São Paulo, 42% of the total.
  • Brazil placed 14th among all countries that provided data, the same position as 2016.
  • Brazil is ranked first in Latin America; among the BRICS countries, it placed behind China, India, and Russia, and ahead of South Africa. If São Paulo were a country, it would be 23rd in the world and 2nd in Latin America, behind Brazil.

In relation to GDP and population

  • The graph to the right shows the relationship between the number of articles published and GDP for countries with at least 5,000 articles published in 2017.
    The bottom-left area of the graph, where Brazil and the main emerging economies are located, is enlarged for detail.
  • The circles represent the gross number of articles published by each country, led by the United States (493,000) and China (423,000).
  • The global averages are PPP$215,476 GDP per capita and 276 articles per million inhabitants (1Minhab). The values for Brazil are close to the average, at PPP$14,103 and 263 articles/1Minhab, respectively.
  • São Paulo is slightly higher, with a GDP per capita of PPP$20,572
    and 506 articles/1Minhab.

1 Articles indexed by Incites/Web of Science, classified as Articles, Proceedings Papers, and Reviews.  2 National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP$) according to the World Bank 2011 constant values. SOURCES Incites, Web of Science, Clarivate, accessed on 01/24/2019. Populations and GDP (PPP$ 2011): Worldbank, accessed on 01/24/2019. São Paulo data: IBGE and Fundação Seade. By: ST&I Indicators Program/FAPESP.