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Six decades of investment in STI

  • FAPESP, Brazil’s biggest subnational funding agency for scientific and technological research, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Since the foundation was established, it has funded more than 310,000 research projects through various mechanisms: 179,931 fellowships and 130,212 research grants were provided in all fields of knowledge.
  • The average number of projects funded annually by FAPESP has risen from approximately 650 in the 1960s to 10,000 in the last decade, despite the negative effects of the pandemic, which led to a significant reduction in the number of proposals submitted.
  • Between 1976 and 2021, the total amount of funding awarded by FAPESP for research and education exceeded R$54 billion.  Of this amount, 62.6% was allocated to research grants and 37.4% to fellowships in Brazil and abroad. Since the foundation was established, it is estimated to have benefited some 150,000 researchers, many of them more than once

Notes 1)  The unique numbering system for proposals submitted to FAPESP (FAPESP Processes) began in the 1980s. In records from prior to that date, the same process number could be assigned to more than one project with different beneficiaries, principal investigators, and/or funding lines. The following concepts were used for this historical data series: projects with different beneficiaries, principal investigators, and/or funding lines for records from 1962–1991; and processes for records from 1992–2021. (2)  For years prior to 1976, there was no information compatible with this presentation. Monetary correction was based on Fundação Getulio Vargas’s General Price Index (IGP).

Sources FAPESP. Administrative records. From 1962 to 1991 – BV-FAPESP retrospective database. From 1992 to 2021 – BI-FAPESP Contracted Process Management Report, accessed on 04/04/2022