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The cost of Brexit for science

ESA The United Kingdom will have to spend 1.3 billion euros per year to continue to take part in European projects such as the Galileo navigation systemESA

The British government reiterated that it wished to continue to be part of European scientific programs once the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union (EU) in 2019. A document released on September 6, 2017, made it clear that the UK did not plan to end its participation in projects such as Horizon 2020, the principal instrument for financing research in the European Union. To continue, the British will have to deal with new conditions. They will probably have to pay 1.3 billion euros per year, the equivalent of their current annual revenue from the program. This is the rule for Horizon 2020 member countries. The British have also shown interest in maintaining collaborations in the European Atomic Energy Community and two programs: Copernicus for Earth observation; and Galileo, the EU global navigation system.