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Transferring technology to small businesses

The purpose of a partnership between the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) and the National Forum of Innovation and Technology Transfer Managers (Fortec) is to tighten ties between small businesses and the Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer (NITs) of institutions of higher learning and research in Brazil. These bodies are responsible for managing institutional policy for innovation at universities and institutes. The objective is to foster the adoption of innovative and intellectual property management practices in small businesses to make them more competitive through activities such as transferring technology from research institutions.

Initially, Sebrae will assist in identifying problems or the needs of businesses, such as defects in machinery or systems that could lower costs or streamline production processes. At that point, it will work to improve contacts between these companies and researchers in universities that perform studies on needs of businesses. Through the NITs of these institutions, a contract will be negotiated so that researchers can provide the service the business needs, such as improving its production process. It is expected that the partnership will help relieve one of the key bottlenecks in innovation practice: improving contacts between research institutions and small businesses.