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University of Leuven is most innovative

For the second time in a row, the University of Leuven in Belgium surpassed major technology centers in capital cities such as London, Paris and Berlin, and remained in first place among the Reuters Agency’s 100 most innovative universities in Europe. The list is prepared according to criteria such as the number of patents filed and article citation indicators. Founded in 1425 by the Catholic Church, the University of Leuven is currently recognized as one of the world’s leading scientific institutions. In 2015, spending on research exceeded €454 million, with 586 families of active patents in its portfolio, each representing a technology protected in a number of countries. Institutions in the United Kingdom ranked second and third: Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, respectively. There are 23 German universities among the 100 institutions on the list, more than any other country. The United Kingdom and France tied for second place with 17 institutions each. The ranking can be found at