ED. 127 | SEPTEMBER 2006


The time for dialogue

Interdisciplinary courses are growing, in which distinct disciplines interact in search of solutions to new dilemmas

Good news month

Pesquisa FAPESP wins an award in journalism and debuts the new version of its website

Weather forecasting

Finep is going to distribute R$ 12.8 million to recover the state meteorology networks and anticipate extreme climatic phenomena


Selective fishhook

A study shows that national fishing can only grow on the qualitative level, not on the quantitative level

We were nine

The small and frozen Pluto is relegated in status and the solar system returns to having eight planets

The daringness of challenging Einstein

Brazilian astronomers propose another way of explaining the expansion of the Universe

Against ascites (abdominal dropsy)

A team from the state of Minas Gerais State presents new prospects for a vaccine against schistosomiasis

Living with the danger

Few mothers know how to avoid their children suffering falls, cuts and burns at home

Through the wall

Viruses and bacteria propagatefreely on the frontier between United States and Mexico

Masking drunkenness

Energy drink conceals some effects of alcoholic drinks and amplifies others


Amplified energy

Thematic networks bring together Petrobras and 76 research institutions in projects that are going to receive R$ 1 billion

Intelligent extension

Company telephone gains an advanced system of automation

Logic Gates

Researchers develop device for future molecular computers

Colored and sensitive

Films applied to windows and mirrors control changes in the luminosity of the environment

Powerful sand

Silica associated to a vaccine induces the organism to produce more antibodies

Mini pigs in the laboratory

Brazilian researchers can already count upon small structured and low weight pigs for scientific experiments


Wings of desire

Varig's crisis reveals precarious situation of Brazilian civil aviation

Self-centered macho?

Although machismo is still dominant, women's conquests intimidate men more and more

Tradition without an impasse

Brazil loses a true intellectual, in the old style: João Alexandre Barbosa