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Good news month

Pesquisa FAPESP wins an award in journalism and debuts the new version of its website

eduardo buenoFirst place diplomaeduardo bueno

In spite of having the fame of being an ominous month, August was excellent for Pesquisa FAPESP. Two articles in the magazine were awarded prizes, the website gained a new design and sections, and one of the editorial staff journalists, in collaboration with other researchers, had two of his scientific articles accepted for publication in indexed periodicals.

The first of these good news events happened on the 7th of August: the magazine site ( was totally redesigned in order to allow for easier navigation and it now has a more efficient search system. The electronic pages bring the whole content of all of the magazine editions, from number 1 until the current issue. As well as being able to consult, without restriction, the texts published in the printed version of Pesquisa FAPESP, the internet user can find on the site special sections produced for the virtual media. One of them is entitled, ‘The best of the magazines‘, which brings a summary of the main articles published in the scientific periodicals Nature and Science.

Every Monday afternoon, the website also makes available an audio archive, to be listened to on a compute or a digital music player, with the complete radio program Pesquisa Brasil from the previous weekend. The program, which brings news about science and technology, with emphasis on national production, is a partnership between the magazine and the radio station Eldorado AM of São Paulo (700 kHz). Shortly the site will go on to publish new on-line sections, with content made exclusively for the electronic media, as well as providing translations of the Pesquisa FAPESP articles in English and Spanish.

Not by chance
Also in August the reporter and magazine collaborator, Alessandra Pereira and our science editor, Carlos Fioravanti, gained first and second places in the Reporting on Biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest Award, in the category of printing medium, conceded by the non-governmental organization International Conservation: Brazil. The award winning articles were “Life among dry leaves“, by Alessandra, and “Why forests are different“, by Carlos. The recognition of their published work was not by chance. Pesquisa FAPESP has always given the importance to these environmental themes that they merit. The proof of this is that the competition is in its sixth edition and this is the fifth time that texts from the magazine have been championed.

And finally, our special editor, Ricardo Zorzetto, a journalist and currently studying for his master’s degree in health sciences at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), participated as a secondary author in the writing of the article entitled, “Mental health and psychiatry research in Brazil: scientific production from 1999 to 2003“, published in August in the special supplement of the Public Health Magazine. He was the leading author of an article accepted for publication in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, as yet without a publication date. The probable tile is, “The scientific production in health and biological sciences of the top 20 Brazilian universities“. All of these new events demonstrate the effort that Pesquisa FAPESP is making to improve itself for its readers.