ED. 156 | FEBRUARY 2009


Measured merit

Mega-evaluation based on peer review to guide distribution of funds to UK universities

Take me to your leader

Method created by a professor from Unesp sparks off a debate about the assessment of academic production

Joint advances

A FAPESP-Fapemig agreement approves the first ethanol research projects

The sky's here

One million Brazilians are likely to take part in the program of events during the International Year of Astronomy

The human factor

Institute is going to measure health-related financial losses from different types of air pollution


New ramifications

Brazilians dominate technique to transform adult stem cells into embryonic cells

The brain and infections

Drugs used to treat mental disturbances may bring about resistance to viruses, bacteria and tumors

Fat attracts fat

The fatty acid found in red meat causes the death of neurons that control the appetite

Love after the menopause

A study identifies factors that compromise female sexuality after the reproductive age

Birds from the pampas

Green beef reconciles the interests of livestock farmers and biologists in the south

Underwater warehouse

Fauna from the bottom of the sea in Antarctica have resources to stay alive even in winter

Mysterious noise in the cosmos

Nasa and Inpe experiment captures a strong microwave signal in the Universe, the origin of which is unexplained

Cosmic guardian in [Brazil's] semi-arid region

Telescope on the border between Pernambuco and Bahia states is going to monitor the risk of asteroids and comets falling to Earth


Artificial photosynthesis

New low cost solar cells reproduce the plant process for transforming sunlight

Versatile and clean thread

Company from São Paulo creates a new process to manufacture acrylic fibers for the textile sector

White smile

Tooth paste with less fluoride and a low pH reduces the incidence of fluorosis in children


The day on which Brazil said "no" to the United States

Researcher recovers documents with the proposal to deport black Americans to the Amazon

Made in USA: trafficking

The search for the "Camargo", one of the many American slave ships that came to Brazil

The wheel of life

Capoeira master mixes Bahian martial art and globalization in New York