ED. 169 | MARCH 2010


Network building

Thesis discusses the reasons for the lack of growth in Brazilian research in international networks

Collective project

Researchers, physicians, businesspeople and users come together to speed up medical research applications


Trembling under control

Doing physical exercises and consuming Omega-3 emerge as complementary treatments for epilepsy

Eat less, son

Mothers do not always recognize when their children are overweight

In the dry downpour

Caatinga savanna toads physiologically adapt to survive months of drought

The triple helix

São Paulo team identifies rare structure in the genetic material of flies

Jarau mysteries

Meteorite fall formed range of hills in the western part of Rio Grande do Sul

The coupling of the old dwarfs

Brazil has contributed to a study witnessing the onset of the merging process of a group of small galaxies

In the first moments

International team explains the behavior of particles in experiment reproducing the Universe's first moments


Enzymatic route

New sugarcane bagasse pre-treatments make production of second generation ethanol easier

Reduced friction

Polymer mixed into ethanol enables biofuel to run through pipeline faster

Nanotubes in real life

New applications for carbon nanodevices are generated in Ribeirão Preto

Multiplied Beams

Researcher publishes article in leading international journal on the new generation of optic fibers

The talking light

Device for the visually impaired identifies and communicates names of colors and currency bills


Not far from New York

Elizabeth Bishop wrote and rejected book about Brazil

Professional Deputy

Contrary to myth, congressmen do have experience when they go to Congress

Unequalled inequality

Seminar discusses the dilemmas of social segregation in Brazil