ED. 96 | FEBRUARY 2004


Integrated Arms

Military institutes will enjoy resources from the sectorial funds

Stimulus for science

Conrado Wessel Award changes format and wins support from FAPESP


A warmer Earth

Increase of the temperature, speeded up by human action, should redraw the profile of life on the planet

A stranger in the glaciers of the south

Crab from the Arctic is the first invading marine species found in Antarctica

Virus in the basement

Team explains how HIV hides itself and why the scheduled interruption of treatment against Aids does not always work

Crossed Networks

Stress produces unexpected effects on the connections between the nervous, immune and endocrine systems

Minimum Difference

A few genes may be responsible for the aggressiveness of some kinds of cancer

Four that are worth ten

Fewer chloroquine pills have the same effect as the traditional treatment against malaria

New fruit in the orange grove

Network of experimental orchards tests varieties of citrus fruits more resistant to diseases

Holes in the Cosmos

More numerous than previously used to be thought, black holes may be present in all the galaxies


Back in production

Plasma-based equipment for recycling aluminum guarantees economic and environmental gains

Mimetism in the laboratory

Synthetic substances for use in biosensors imitate the behavior of biological compounds

Strategic information

System identifies with maps and photos the origin of telephone calls

Light in the arches

Researches in the country are making headway with laser techniques and equipment in dental treatment

Without risks

Quick and non-destructive, ultrasound checks structures of oil pipelines and walls of nuclear power stations


The historical magic of the wizard of Cosme Velho

Study shows Machado de Assis, novelist or civil servant, as a critic of Brazilian truculence

The woman we love to hate

Victim of a historiography full of prejudice, Carlota Joaquina resurges as an skillful politician

Let justice be done

Study points out problems of the problems of the Special Courts of the State of São Paulo and possible solutions

Tropical relativity

Unpublished notes written by Albert Einstein in his visit to South America (including Brazil) in 1925 come out in a book