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A visible success

The first time that Pesquisa FAPESP – or rather, its embryo, the bulletin Notícias FAPESP – talked about SciELO, without referring to this acronym, which had not yet been created, was in November 1996.

What there was then was just the firm intention and the project, defined in a partnership between FAPESP and Bireme (in those days, Medicine Reference Library, and today, the Latin American and Caribbean System on Health Sciences Information), to make visible and accessible internationally the best of Brazilian scientific production, so as to integrate it with the world’s collection of systematized scientific knowledge.  Implanted in 1997, the project took such large steps ahead that it accounts for, today, indexed on its database, 93 Brazilian scientific periodicals, 1,356 booklets and 19,815 scientific articles. Many of the periodicals recorded a significant increase in their factor of impact, with the visibility brought about by the electronic library.  Should this not be suffice, SciELO has advanced beyond the Brazilian frontiers and now put onto its database 76 periodicals from countries from Latin America and Spain (see table below).  A tiny sample of the new scientific information that SciELO adds each month to its network will appear, starting with this issue, in the printed and on-line versions of Pesquisa FAPESP.  It is more unpublished news that the magazine offers to its readers.