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Another way to consume babassu

Embrapa CocaisBabassu drink and cheese could replace milk or its derivativesEmbrapa Cocais

Researchers from EMBRAPA Tropical Agroindustry, based at the Federal University of Ceará, working with traditional babassu seed breakers from Maranhão, developed a drink and a cheese made from babassu seeds, which are already used to make oil, ice cream, and biscuits. The drink is an extract obtained by crushing the seeds in water, in a ration of 1 kilogram (kg) of seeds to every 3 kg of water. It is then pasteurized. When stored in a refrigerator, it can be consumed within 15 days. The babassu cheese was made using a fermentation process that increases the acidity and accentuates the flavor and aroma, similar to the way traditional cheeses are produced. The addition of a protein source (soy) provides nutritional values close to those of fresh cheese. The drink and cheese, which were evaluated by potential consumers and presented to communities of babassu seed breakers, could replace dairy products for those who cannot or do not want to consume traditional dairy products, as well as expanding the varieties of ice cream and biscuits. Rich in starch, the seed is also used to make bread, cakes, porridge, and a hot drink known as babassu chocolate (Notícias EMBRAPA, April 11).