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Application for joining the Cietec

The Incubator Center for Technological Companies (Cietec), at the USP Campus, is accepting applications for candidates to join its company incubator. The purpose is to encourage the creation of new businesses based on innovative technology in the Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Materials, Instrumentation, Information Technology, Environment, Chemistry, Nuclear Techniques, and Special Software fields. The types of incubation provided for in the Application are:

1. pre-incubation, intended for entrepreneurs with an idea who know how to put it into practice, but who need at least 12 months to show its technical feasibility and to find the money for the business’s start up capital;

2. resident companies technological incubator, for entrepreneurs or companies interested in developing their product or service in the incubator, who already have start up capital available;

3. software technology incubator, focusing on entrepreneurs for creating or continuing businesses in the field of special software (Internet/Intranet, Automation and Control, Health and Education); and

4. non-resident companies technological incubator, intended for entrepreneurs or companies that are already established, with a technology-based business, that do not need physical space to set up.

The Application can be collected from July 3 to 31. Cietec will be accepting pre-selection applications until August 11. For further information and registration in the selection process, interested parties should apply to Cietec, at the Energy and Nuclear Research Institute – IPEN, Travessa R, 400, the USP Campus, telephone (011) 212-8466.