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Changes at CNPq

Biochemist Hernan Chaimovich: a new challenge

EDUARDO CESARBiochemist Hernan Chaimovich: a new challengeEDUARDO CESAR

Biochemist Hernan Chaimovich was appointed president of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) by Aldo Rebelo, Brazil’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, in January 2015. Chaimovich, who heads FAPESP’s Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center program (RIDC), has accepted the invitation. “This is a new responsibility, and I hope that my extensive experience in science and national and international science policy will be useful for the harmonious development of science, technology and innovation in Brazil,” he told Agência FAPESP. After receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Chile School of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences in 1962, the researcher came to Brazil on a FAPESP scholarship, received his PhD from the University of São Paulo (USP) and did post-doctoral research at the University of California Santa Barbara and Harvard University. He has been a professor at the University of Chile and has held associate, assistant and full professorships at the USP Chemistry Institute. Chaimovich was president of the Brazilian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society and is a member and current vice-president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC). In another change announced by the minister, climatologist Carlos Nobre, the Secretary of Research and Development Policies and Programs, has been named head of the National Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alerts, which was established in 2011 with headquarters in São José dos Campos. His successor at the Secretariat will be Jailson Bittencourt de Andrade, a professor at the Chemistry Institute of the Federal University of Bahia.