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computation and environment

Computer science applied to the environment

FAPESP and Microsoft Research, which is Microsoft’s research branch, have released a new call for research proposals under the Microsoft Research-FAPESP Institute for IT Research that the two institutions have been maintaining since 2005. The aim of the call is to explore the application of computer science to the challenges of fundamental research in fields connected with global climate change and other disciplines linked to environmental sciences. It is open to researchers from higher education and research institutions, both public and private, in the state of São Paulo. The call will make available R$1.35 million for the selected proposals and the main interest is the introduction of computing techniques and tools for the acquisition, analysis, preparation and viewing of data; application and exploration of computer models connected with climate change and the environment; promoting the progress of science so that the knowledge generated can be used in a multi- and inter-disciplinary manners; and applying computer science to the database challenges on a large scale in scientific research. FAPESP will receive proposals up to December 19. Further information can be found at