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FAPESP funds COVID-19 research projects


  • FAPESP is funding 210 ongoing COVID-19 research projects, of which 144 incorporated the disease into research that had already begun, and 66 are new projects arising from special calls for proposals, approved and granted prior to 06/18/2020. Another 62 are under evaluation
  • A total of R$11.2 million was invested in new projects and R$260 million in existing research that now includes COVID-19
  • Of the 66 new projects awarded funding, 60 received regular research grants and six were funded by the Research for Innovation in Small Businesses program (RISB, or PIPE in the Portuguese acronym)
  • Six of the new projects are related to a COVID-19 vaccine: three at the University of São Paulo’s School of Medicine (FM-USP), two at its Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and one at its Ribeirão Preto Medical School. An ongoing vaccine project at the Butantan Institute has now added COVID-19 to the diseases it is studying



  • The health sciences account for 62% of the new projects, followed by the biological sciences, with 23%
  • RISB projects1 are distributed as follows: two in engineering, one in biological sciences, one in computer science, one in health sciences, and one interdisciplinary

NOTE (1) RISB projects formally consist of two subprojects, which were considered as one project for this report.

SOURCE BI/FAPESP Prepared by the FAPESP São Paulo ST&I Indicators team and the Studies and Indicators Department.