Issue # 293 _ July 2020


Looking for shortcuts
International teams use eight different techniques to create 150 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in six months By
Saving time
Brazilian research centers negotiate deals to import vaccine production technology By
Standing alone
Brazilian vaccine projects race to begin clinical trials next year By
Cristiana Toscano: An unprecedented global effort
According to the only Brazilian member of a WHO vaccine committee, we are experiencing unprecedented worldwide collaboration to develop a vaccine in record time By
Science takes on the virus
Federal call for proposals attracts 2,200 applications for research grants to study COVID-19 By and
Calling all scientists
Researchers in São Paulo mobilize against the pandemic as FAPESP awards funding to 210 related projects By
Each nation’s effort
Brazil’s government unfreezes funding for COVID-19 research, but will spend far less than developed countries By
Difficult exit
Quarantine relaxation strategies differ around the country By and
The challenge of calculating R
Poor data makes the effective reproduction rate difficult to track and is hampering the pandemic response By
A difficult return
Brazil seeks health and education parameters for planning the resumption of in-person classes in its school systems By
Amplified violence
Rates of violence against women in Brazil increase during the pandemic By
Research during quarantine