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Human Media Lab

Flexible, bendable cell phone

Flexibility enhances interactivity, especially in games

Human Media Lab / Queen's University Flexibility enhances interactivity, especially in gamesHuman Media Lab / Queen's University

A flexible and bendable cell phone is the new gadget presented in February 2016 by the Queen’s University Human Media Lab, in Canada. The device can fit into clothes pockets and mold itself to the pressure exerted on it. According to its inventors, the phone runs apps more efficiently.  Equipped with a recent operational system, the phone – called ReFlex – offers more interaction when playing games. In the famous Angry Birds game, you can bend back the device to stretch the virtual slingshot and take aim at birds and buildings. Page-flipping by bending the phone is also a new feature. The ReFlex vibrates to give users the sensation of pages flipping through their fingertips. The device also makes it easier to use touch to check your visited websites. The invention opens the way for the development of applications with bend-input features. According to the inventors, the ReFlex will be on the market within five years.