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Invention patents filed by universities in São Paulo

  • Between 2016 and 2019, HEIs accounted for almost a quarter of invention patents filed at the Brazilian Patent Office (INPI) by legal entities located in São Paulo. In the first four years of the century, the figure was 12.5%
  • In the period, the percentage of invention patent applications originating in São Paulo as a proportion of the nationwide total fell from 46.7% to 29.9%. The rise in the number of patent applications filed by HEIs in the state attenuated this decrease
  • The number of applications from HEIs in São Paulo grew across all institutional types (state, federal, and other). Although state universities account for the majority of applications, the rate of growth was greater among federal and other institutions. In 2016–19 alone, state HEIs filed 681 applications, federal HEIs filed, 108 and other institutions filed 69
  • According to INPI data, UNICAMP filed 1,189 applications between 1997 and 2019, while USP filed 1,125 and UNESP 409 in the same period. Among federal HEIs, UFSCar (184), UNIFESP (71), UFABC (60), and ITA (25) submitted the most applications. In other HEIs, SENAI (72), Mackenzie (22), and the University of Sorocaba (21) were the most active

Notes (1) Applications filed by more than one HEI of different types are fully counted for all categories (2) The São Paulo Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology (IFSP) was included among federal HEIs and the Paula Souza State Center for Technological Education (CEETPS) was included as a state HEI. The “others” category comprises public and private municipal HEIs.

SOURCES INPI, Assessoria de Assuntos Econômicos, BADEPI v7.0 – Depósitos
PREPARED BY FAPESP Studies & Indicators Department (DPCTA)