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Investment in water

Petrobras sets aside R$ 40 million for environmental preservation projects on the theme of water

EDUARDO CESARPetrobras has decided to concentrate its budget for ecological sponsoring for the next two years on projects that have water, either fresh or sea, as their theme. In Rio de Janeiro last month, the company launched its environmental program and forecast a budget of R$ 40 million for ventures lasting 24 months at the most that stimulate the conservation and rational use of this natural resource. The choice of the theme was motivated by the fact that 2003 was chosen by the United Nations as the international year of freshwater, of which Brazil holds 12% of the world’s reserves. Projects that aim at fostering one of the following kinds of action can compete for sponsorship: recovering rivers or forests surrounding bodies of water; preserving species that are important for maintaining biodiversity; disseminating good practices for reducing waste of (fresh) water, or diminishing the impacts or improving the management of marine environments; qualifying the social players involved in the management of bodies of water (municipal governments, associations, productive sector); and campaigns to mobilize society.

Open for applications
“It is not a question of finance for research projects on the water theme”, clarifies Thais Murce Mendes da Silva, the coordinator of the Environment Technological Program of Petrobras Research Center. “It is, rather, of ventures for environmental preservation.” There is, though, nothing to prevent scientists from drawing up proposals of a conservationist bent, linked to their area of research or not, and submitting them to the company. Projects conceived by private individuals will not be accepted. Only actions proposed by corporate bodies from the Third Sector, such as non-governmental organizations, may compete for sponsorship.

Projects already started or still in the gestation stage may likewise take part in the selection process. Each proposal may request a maximum sponsorship of R$ 3 million for its actions. The entry form, as well as other details on Petrobras environmental program, are now available at the electronic address All the applications will have to be made via the Internet, and the period for entries started on November 28 and goes up to January 27, 2004.

Journalist Marcos Pivetta traveled to Rio de Janeiro at the invitation of Petrobras