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Market values professionals with graduate degrees

Despite the economic instability in Brazil, professionals with master’s degrees saw a 21.4% salary increase in the first half of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. This finding appears in a study by Produtive, a São Paulo consulting firm. It analyzed compensation of executives that the company transferred to the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. In 2014 the average salary of these professionals was R$13,800 per month, but the figure climbed to R$17,500 in 2015. The study confirms a growing differential in terms of compensation in the job market for those holding master’s or doctoral degrees.

Produtive’s analysis shows that companies need professionals that are integrated into the market and academia. Another salient point is that professionals with this profile are able to generate alternative sources of income, above and beyond traditional job duties. Furthermore, they can invest all of their available time in the company or combine their main job with teaching classes in academia as professors, primarily at private universities.

Salaries of executives who have studied at the graduate level but have not earned a degree had salary increases of 12.4% compared to 2014. The average salary increased from R$9,300 to R$10,600 per month. Executives with an undergraduate degree had only a 4.6% increase on the average, jumping from R$5,800 to R$6,000. According to the firm’s analysis, the study reflects how much professionals are valued in the current trend of recognizing hyperspecialization. Professionals are required to have a solid education, knowledge and a detailed grasp of theory.