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Recent Thematic and Young Investigator Projects

Projects contracted in June and July 2014

Thematic projects
Electrocatalysis V: electrocatalytic processes of chemical and electrical energy interconversion
Principal investigator: Edson Antonio Ticianelli
Institution: São Carlos Chemistry Institute/USP
Case: 2013/16930-7
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2019

Ergodic and qualitative theory of dynamical systems
Principal investigator: Cláudio Aguinaldo Buzzi
Institution: São José do Rio Preto Institute of Biosciences, Letters and Exact Sciences/Unesp
Case: 2013/24541-0
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2019

Micromachining with ultrashort laser pulses applied to the production and control of optofluidics circuits
Principal investigator: Wagner de Rossi
Institution: Nuclear and Energy Research Institute/SDECTSP
Case: 2013/26113-6
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2018

The governing of conflict in the production of the contemporary city: the case of São Paulo
Principal investigator: Vera da Silva Telles
Institution: Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences/USP
Case: 2013/26116-5
Term: 8/1/2014 to 7/31/2018

Novel therapeutic agents from the bacterial symbionts of Brazilian invertebrates (FAPESP/FIC-NIH)
Principal investigator: Monica Tallarico Pupo
Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Pharmaceutical Sciences/USP
Case: 2013/50954-0
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2019

Singularities of differentiable mappings: theory and applications
Principal investigator: Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas
Institution: Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Computation/USP
Case: 2014/00304-2
Term: 6/1/2014 to 5/31/2019

The inflammasome in the host response to intracellular pathogens and the microbial mechanisms for its evasion
Principal investigator: Dario Simões Zamboni
Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine/USP
Case: 2014/04684-4
Term: 9/1/2014 to 8/31/2018

Integrated responses of curimbatá, Prochilodus lineatus (Teleostei) to titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles and biomarkers identification for environmental monitoring
Principal investigator: Marisa Narciso Fernandes
Institution: Center for Biological and Health Sciences/UFSCar
Case: 2014/05701-0
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2017

Young investigator projects
Effect of low-level laser therapy in experimental models of chronic pulmonary diseases
Principal investigator: Ana Paula Ligeiro de Oliveira
Institution: Nove de Julho University – Vergueiro Campus
Case: 2012/16498-5
Term: 6/1/2014 to 5/31/2018

Electrophysiological and molecular characterization of neurons involved in the generation of respiratory rhythm and pattern of rats during postnatal development
Principal investigator: Davi José de Almeida Moraes
Institution: Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine/USP
Case: 2013/10484-5
Term: 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2018