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Smoking is the biggest risk factor for cancer

Tecno_cigarroEDUARDO CESARIn 2020, cigarettes will likely be responsible for the majority of cancer cases among men in Brazil, especially lung and throat cancers, while viral or bacterial infections may account for most cases among women. For some time, these and other tumors have been known to be caused by prolonged exposure to avoidable risk factors, usually associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Brazilian and American researchers estimated the factors most strongly associated with 25 types of cancer in Brazil (PLOS One, February 2015). They analyzed data gathered between 2000 and 2008 regarding the diet, physical activity, overweight or obesity, infections and environmental or occupational conditions of individuals aged 30 or older. Then, they cross-referenced the data with risk factors reported in international epidemiological studies. They found that 34% of all cancers among men and 35% among women can be attributed to known and modifiable risk factors, and that smoking, infections, low intake of fruits and vegetables, excess weight and sedentary habits are the factors associated with most tumors.