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Sparkling wines with denomination of origin

Vineyard in the municipality of Pinto Bandeira, Rio Grande do Sul


Altos de Pinto Bandeira, a region in Serra Gaúcha, became the first Brazilian denomination of origin (DO) dedicated solely to the production of sparkling wines. The recognition was awarded at the end of November, when the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) granted DO status to the local association of wine producers. The federal agency is responsible for establishing geographical indications (GI) in Brazil—defined areas known to produce a certain product or service, whose reputation, characteristics, or quality is associated with the place of origin (see Pesquisa FAPESP issue no. 309). One hundred Brazilian GIs have been legally established by the INPI in two ways: via indication of provenance (IP) or DO, the latter of which is generally more difficult to obtain. The denomination of origin for the sparkling wines covers a continuous area of 65 square kilometers, where the terrain ranges from undulating to mountainous, with an average altitude of 632 meters and mild temperatures. Just over 75% of the DO area is located in the municipality of Pinto Bandeira. The remainder is in Farroupilha (19%) and Bento Gonçalves (4%).