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Alpha Crucis

The arrival of Alpha Crucis

Eduardo CesarThe oceanographic ship in the Santos port: benefitting researchers from various institutionsEduardo Cesar

The oceanographic ship Alpha Crucis was launched on May 30, in a ceremony at the port of Santos (SP). The ship, acquired by FAPESP for the Oceanographic Institute (IO) of the University of São Paulo (USP), will replace the Professor W. Besnard ship. The acquisition of the Alpha Crucis is part of a project submitted by IO-USP to FAPESP to increase research capacity. The uncovering of the inaugural plaque was carried out by Governor Geraldo Alckmin and by the President of USP, João Grandino Rodas, along with Celso Lafer, President of FAPESP, Eduardo Moacyr Krieger, Vice-president, José Arana Varela, Director President, Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Scientific Director, Joaquim José de Camargo Engler, Administrative Director and Michel Mahiques, Director of IO-USP. The ship is expected to boost research on issues such as climate change, biodiversity and pre-salt oil exploration (see Pesquisa FAPESP issue 195). Lafer pointed out that the ship, which will be managed by IO-USP, is available for use by scientists from other institutions. “This is a big day for Brazilian oceanography,” he said. Rodas emphasized the impact of the acquisition: “Researchers from São Paulo state universities and other Brazilian institutions with important projects will benefit. We are all winners in the acquisition of this new ship,” he said.