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The rules of FAPESP regarding potential conflicts of interest

1) Upon the presentation of a project to FAPESP, the researcher must list all the sources of financing, both public and private, that are presently assisting or are expected to assist in its development.

2) The researcher must consult FAPESP before accepting whatever financial support from any other financial source, both public and private, for the development of the research to which assistance has been conceded.

3) Should the development of the research project with assistance conceded by FAPESP receive financing from whatever other source, either public or private, the researcher is obliged to make specific reference to this support, with the clear identification of its source, in all the forms of divulging the results obtained (articles, books, thesis, dissertations, works and précis presented in meetings etc.)

4) In situations in which the FAPESP identifies potential conflicts of interest, it may be requested contractually that there is a guarantee to other researchers, organs or government agencies and to government associations, the right to ample access to all of the data collected and of the procedures adopted, for an eventual audit to determine whether the project was conducted in harmony with the requirements of good scientific practice.