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Transparency and retracted articles

The Journal of Process Management – New Technologies International, an open-access periodical based in Serbia, has published a list on their website of articles retracted due to errors or irregularities. According to the blog Retraction Watch, which discloses cases of misconduct in various countries, the decision to create a place exclusively for gathering retractions is unprecedented and aims to discourage further abuse. The journal has existed since 2013 and is not indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) database.

At the end of March, the list contained five articles, all retracted in 2016, along with retraction notices and links to the original papers. The cases all involve plagiarism. Asked by Retraction Watch about the reasons for listing retracted articles, the journal’s editor-in-chief Predrag Trajković said the list is an attempt to dissuade authors from committing plagiarism. “A list is something that researchers can easily access and see. They are less likely to submit plagiarized articles knowing that they could be exposed on the website,” said Trajković.