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Vaccination in decline

The COVID-19 vaccination pace has been decreasing worldwide since August 30, when the seven-day rolling average was 43.13 million doses. On October 15, it had already fallen by 49% to 22.14 million doses, according to data from the website Our World in Data, run by the University of Oxford, UK. The vaccination rate peaked on June 27, at 43.39 million doses. By mid-October, more than half of the world’s population (52.5%) had not yet received a single dose. Of the 6.65 billion doses administered to date, only 2.7% had been given to people living in low-income countries. After a slow start, the rolling average in Brazil has remained above one million doses per day since June. Between the beginning of the immunization campaign and October 24, 153 million Brazilians (71.8% of the population) received at least one dose and 109.7 million (51.4%) were fully vaccinated.