ED. 146 | APRIL 2008


New frontier

Expansion of Brazil's ethanol production depends on investment in basic and applied science

In waiting mode?

Minister from Federal Supreme Court, in historical vote, supports research on embryonic stem cells


Green concrete

Agricultural waste can reduce the use of cement and CO2 emissions

War in the cells

Discoveries show how to help the immune system fight generalized infections

The deconstruction of Proteins

Compartments that deconstruct proteins identified in the cell nucleus

Kidnapping the mailman

By interrupting cell communication, artificial RNA kills the parasite that causes schistosomiasis

Unexpected vessels

Mysteries of the Portuguese man-of-war challenge physicians and biologists


Well-grounded Beauty

Group of researchers and companies prepare nanocosmetics with a variety of uses

Seeing what is invisible

Carbon nanotube increases the microscope's resolution

Clean lighting

Company develops system for recycling components in fluorescent lights

Better quality

Unicamp and steel mill partnership design plasma torch to improve steel quality


Limits challenged

Studies compare the performance of students who have benefited from affirmative action and show that many are successful academically

Why love Jorge?

Re-edition of the complete works brings about a critical review of one of Brazil's most popular authors

Motherland, feminine noun

Research questions the real reason for and the results of policies against the trafficking of women