ED. 206 | APRIL 2013


Sentinel in the cosmic darkness

Super radio telescope inaugurated in Chile is looking for the earliest stars in the cold, dark and distant Universe

Portraits of Brazil

Library housing the José Mindlin collection inaugurated at USP


Precious sea mud

Sediments reveal the climatic and evolutionary history of environments that disappeared thousands of years ago

Thaw in the Andes

Aerial photos and satellite images show accelerated shrinking of South American glaciers

Sustainable interventions

Human intervention helped maintain the biological diversity of the Pampa Biome, one of the most complex Brazilian ecosystems

Sweet learning

Experiments demonstrate honeybees’ capacity for associating colors and signals

Vulnerable Defenses

Doctors are mobilizing for early detection of diseases caused by failures in the barriers against microorganisms


Planting medicine

Anti-HIV drug is obtained from genetically modified soybeans

Biological silver

Nanoparticles from fungi are successfully tested on antibacterial fabrics and on sores

Profitable plots

Small agricultural automation company in São Carlos gains international recognition

Business emerges from the past

Entrepreneurial archeology plays an increasing role at infrastructure construction sites


When Modernism came in from the cold

An exposition, virtual collection and book celebrate the centennial of the first Lasar Segall exhibition in Brazil

Cultural revolution Brazilian style

In the 1950s, culture and politics traveled a two-way street, serving the interests of artists, intellectuals, and the Communist Party

Trash and utopia

Researchers identify and analyze how the phenomenon of productive insertion works in times of crisis