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Brazilian cream cheese spread in the United States

Americans and Brazilians living in the United States will soon be able to enjoy soft cream cheese spread, a common product in Brazil, but one not found in the USA.  Lacta Dairy, a company founded in the city of Houston, in the state of Texas, has signed an agreement with the UFV, the Federal University of Viçosa, to set up a production line where, besides, the cream cheese spread, there will be made caramelized milk spread, Minas f fresh cheese, cured Minas cheese, and cheese buns. A manufacturer of the cheddar and monterrey types, Lacta wants to reach the large Brazilian community, which mostly lives in the neighboring state of Florida. Professor Mauro Mansur Furtado, of the UFV’s Food Technology Department, and the coordinator of the agreement that started this May, says that a major part of the equipment that is being bought by Lacta is from Brazilian industries. The company, Biasinox, for example, located in the city of Lambari, in Minas Gerais, is exporting machines to make the cream cheese spread, a product that is unknown to the American market. Other companies are Metal Rogek, of Diadema, in São Paulo, and Stephan Geiger, of São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná.