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At the Mechanics Workshop of USP in São Carlos, the manufacturing ranges from the simplest screw to sophisticated gearing. The workshops modernization was one of the priorities of the Physics Institute during the presentation of projects for the Infrastructure Program, reports the Institute's director Horácio Carlos Panepucci.

The investment was fundamental for the expansion of its space and the installation of equipment that would permit to fulfill the current demand of the laboratories. Today, the 540 m2 of the Mechanics Workshop has lathes and milling machines, some of them with digital commands and numerical controls. In one of the environmentally controlled rooms are the most sophistically controlled machines, purchased through the Multipurpose Equipment modules such as Discovery 4022, a tooling center that executes, with precision to one hundredth of a millimeter, parts projected in programs such as Autocad.

Of no lesser importance was the installation of a precision sector for the measurement of the hardness and roughness of surfaces, and for the perfection and calibration with the use of standard blocks. “Lots of times what the researcher needs is a product that he himself has created with a well defined objective”, explains Panepucci. For example, the Workshop built a magnetic resonance machine that is installed in the Santa Casa Hospital of São Carlos. All of the technology of the software was developed on campus.