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Platform gathers data on Brazilians with COVID-19

The effort to understand the health effects of the novel coronavirus and find ways of treating it was boosted on June 17 with the launch of the COVID-19 Data Sharing/BR platform, a repository of clinical, laboratory and demographic data on people diagnosed with the infection in the country. Since July 1, information on 75,000 patients has been available for public access, in addition to 6,500 case outcome records and the results of more than 1.6 million clinical and laboratory tests—all of the data is completely anonymous. At first, only a limited dataset was available for consultation while the platform’s functions were evaluated. It is hoped that the information will be used by researchers and companies in Brazil and abroad to improve diagnosis of the disease, investigate factors related to its evolution in the country, and assist in the search for compounds that could be used in drugs and vaccines. The creation of the platform results from an articulation coordinated by FAPESP and involved the University of São Paulo (USP), Grupo Fleury, Hospital Albert Einstein, and Hospital Sírio-Libanês.