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Refining business statistics

Expenditure and personnel allocated to R&D in São Paulo

  • The PINTEC Technological Innovation Survey, conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), is the only source of comprehensive and qualified information on human and financial resources directed to research and development (R&D) by companies
  • The survey’s sampling units are the companies. Most have a single production site, but the largest can have several across different states. In these cases, the statistics refer to the state where the company is headquartered, even if it is not where the the R&D is performed
  • FAPESP asked IBGE for special tabulations of the data, using the location of the R&D activities as the criterion for regional breakdown. Sampling limitations make them difficult to use for all states and economic sectors, so the special tabulations are restricted to the state of São Paulo and industrial companies. A comparison of the data disclosed by PINTEC and the data contained in the new tabulation is shown below
  • Based on the state where the company is headquartered, there were 2,365 industrial companies in São Paulo conducting internal R&D in 2017. They employed 28,977 people and spent R$8.7 billion. Based on the location where the activities were performed, there were 2,400 industrial companies performing R&D in the state in the same year, with a total expenditure of R$8.9 billion and 30,548 employees
  • Although the difference in the number of companies is small (35), the difference in expenditure (R$157 million) and personnel (1,571 people) is not insignificant. This is because the companies in the first group invest more in R&D than the average of all the companies surveyed (graph below)

Note (1)  EJI = Full working day equivalent: a unit that measures the number of people employed in a certain activity in a way that enables comparisons despite different numbers of working hours. A person who spends the entire working day on R&D is one EJI. Someone who spends only half of the day on R&D is equivalent to 0.5 EJI.

Source  IBGE / PINTEC – Published data and special tabulation