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Scientific research on coronavirus

  • The coronaviridae virus family encompasses approximately 40 known species capable of infecting both mammals and birds, some fatally affecting human beings
  • The first scientific studies on coronavirus were conducted in the late 1960s. Since then, 12,347 papers have been published1 on the topic worldwide
  • The leaps in 2003–05 and in 2012–14 are due to the SARS2 and MERS3 epidemics. So far in 2020, there have been more than 200 papers published on the novel coronavirus in less than three months


Notes (1)  Papers published includes “Articles,” “Proceedings Papers,” and “Reviews,” as classified by the Web of Science  (2) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  (3) Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Source  Web Of Science (Clarivate), accessed on 23/03/2020. Search methodology: Topic: CORONAVIRUS