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Solutions for agriculture and health

The research group into Molecular Biophysics and Spectroscopy of USP in São Carlos, were also able to count upon resources from the Infra Program for changing their old laboratory benches and fume cupboard that did not have an efficient exhaust system. “Before we could count upon the Infra Program, there wasn't an adequate system of artificial ventilation and refrigeration”, says Leila Maria Beltramini, the coordinator.

The lack of infrastructure also interfered with the functioning of the equipment such the chromatographers, used in the separation and identification of samples and spectrometers, used in the analysis of samples. The refrigeration system, with twelve years of use, was outdated and overloaded. On top of all of these problems, there was even added a further risk factor: the intense overloading of the electrical system.

“Currently, our laboratories are set up with state of the art equipment”, says Leila. The objective of the group's study, the structure of the proteins extracted from natural sources, recombinant proteins (obtained through genetic engineering techniques) and metalloproteins, is of great interest to areas such as health and agriculture. The group has also been investigating some of the mechanisms of interaction and transportation by way of biological membranes.