ED. 86 | APRIL 2003


Poverty Revealed

Study Center maps areas for the implementation of public policies

Inside the tree

FORESTS project is going to open up a database for groups interested in researchinginto the genome of the eucalyptus

Good fruits of knowledge

Natura wants research projects for application in cosmetics

Protection for biodiversity

Biota-Pará Project draws up list of species threatened with extinction

Talents of the future

Sciences and engineering fair stimulates scientific vocations

The challenge of innovation

The Ministry of Science and Technology seeks the support of the BNDES, companies and universities for the national program for replacing imports


The pressure of modern life

Urbanization upsets health of the inhabitants of the interior of the Amazonia

Mountain flowers

The first volume comes out of the collection that describes the 1.067 species of plants in Grão-Mogol, in Minas Gerais

The land of Luzia

Map covers 100 prehistoric sites from the Lagoa Santa region of Minas Gerais, where the oldest human skull of the Americas was discovered

The glass and lipstick

Alteration in a gene may make women 2.6 times more susceptible to alcoholism

Short of breath

São Paulo researchers calculate the capacity of sedentary Brazilians for carrying out physical activity

Atoms for doing calculations

Brazilian physicists in the worldwide race in search of the quantum computer


Advanced glass discs

Researchers from Unesp develop new materials for the production of CDs and DVDs

Industrial diagnosis

Company from Rio Grande do Sul is a pioneer in molecular analysis applied to the productive sector

Innovation under the ground

Mantle applied on top of water or sewage pipes guarantees savings in installation

Precious discoveries

New techniques and sensors identify mineral deposits with more precision

Functional miniatures

One-way microlaboratories analyze blood, wine, fuel alcohol and the sugar content of drinks


A difficult cake to share

Study discusses the timely theme of the changes in the legislation on the Sales and Services Circulation Tax (ICMS)

The beauty that puts food on the table

Pioneering research shows culture as one of the great Brazilian economic activities

Thesis analyzes sexuality and affection amongst the popular class in Pompeii