ED. 164 | OCTOBER 2009


Important partnership agreements

FAPESP enters into cooperation agreements with UK research councils and university

Integrated work

Project shows how public schools can become an arena for reflection

Better public health

USP Medical School project encourages training family doctors and looks for ways to improve SUS

The origin of illnesses

Six states join together in a major survey, to find out how heart diseases and diabetes develop


Entangled colors

São Paulo group achieves the quantum entanglement of three beams of light of different wavelengths

Rebellious particles

Atom behavior may harm the working of the quantum computer

Inhospitable land

The smallest planet discovered to date outside the Solar System has a rocky surface and extreme temperatures

Effects of Aversion

Repulsive situation increases attention and visual perception

On top of the mountain range

Rare plants grow in isolation in the highlands


Colored gold

Gold powder mixed with other metals results in a variety of colored alloys for the manufacturing of jewelry

Fine and flexible

Brazilian researchers create multimedia screens made from foldable, transparent paper

Vegetable kerosene

Researchers from Unicamp develop high purity biofuel for airplanes

Soil details

System integrates satellites and sensors to prepare a detailed map of farmland

Protection from leishmaniasis

Protein used in recombinant vaccine induces cellular response in dogs and reduces transmission of visceral disease


Nostalgia for Jeca in the 21st century

Studies analyze country music and reveal an accurate image of Brazil: willing to move forward but always looking back

Years of lead online

The project Revealed Memories will post documents about repression in the military dictatorship onto the Internet

A blast that continues to echo two decades later

Discussion on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall reveals its impact on the current global crisis