ED. 255 | MAY 2017


In the stone jungle

Inventory lists more than 5,800 wild species of plants and animals in São Paulo’s state capital city


Reptile controversy

Controversial proposal alters the genealogical tree of dinosaurs and divides experts

Bacteria that preserve fossils

The action of microorganisms may help preserve fragments of soft tissue, like eyes, veins and heart

A changing sense of smell

Genetic and environmental influences shape the sensory organ located at the back of the nose

Berenice Bilharinho De Mendonça: The hormone drama

Endocrinologist works to ensure that disorders of sexual development with a genetic basis are seen as normal

Natural lighting

The chemical process behind the bioluminescence of mushrooms is recyclable and flexible

The impact of light on forests

Light pollution is becoming more intense and could affect Brazilian ecosystems

Creatures of the urban night

Survey indicates that nearly half of the bat species in Brazil live in cities

Vestiges of primitive Earth

The depths of the Earth may contain rigid blocks spanning thousands of kilometers

When the vacuum is hot

Brazilian researchers propose an experiment to determine if empty space can heat an accelerated object


Your body is your password

Biometric solutions developed by Brazilian companies perform recognition through unique characteristics, such as the format of facial features

Potatoes in bunches

Aeroponic growing system creates a larger supply of seed potatoes for growers


The Bororo on-screen

Researchers suggest that a film made by the Rondon Commission in 1916 may have been the first ethnographic documentary

A labyrinth of inconclusive decisions

86% of Federal Supreme Court decisions are responses to internal appeals

Brazilian literature in transit

Interest among foreign readers in experiencing imagery permeated with exoticism characterized initial translations of Brazilian authors into English