ED. 102 | AUGUST 2004


A proof of quality

Study includes Brazil in the ranking of the countries that most carry out relevant research

Plasma recovered

São Paulo is going to request bids for a factory to produce blood plasma products

Ready for the fight

Ninety entrepreneurs from PIPE qualify themselves for business management


The heat that makes the ground tremble

Variations in the thickness of the lithosphere caused by differences in temperature clarify the origin of earthquakes in Brazil

Effects of diversity

Intense miscegenation makes Brazil a fertile field for hereditary anemias

Dogma overturned

Researchers recover movements and reduce loss of neurons in rats with damaged spinal cord

Ghost Action

Team from Campinas details phenomenon that makes quantum cryptography possible

Priorities of Minas Gerais

Atlas indicates 105 areas of high biological wealth as a target for researches and conservation


Well-handled Herd

Researchers produce cattle that mature earlier for slaughter and for reproduction

Safer transfusion

Equipment guarantees better quality blood for immunodeficient patients

House under control

Company from São Carlos develops low cost equipment for building automation


Recipe for growth

Study indicates that industrial sector is still the source of expansion of the São Paulo economy

When you plant, money grows

After losing sources from the Orient, the Portuguese recovered their lucrative spices

The slaves of the slave

Life of Francisco Félix de Souza reveals how blacks used to trade blacks