ED. 113 | JULY 2005


Under new management

Law authorizes private management of public forest to contain deforestation

Battle in the courts

Law that permits the use of embryonic stem cells is contested by the attorney-general of the Republic

Fast lane

A new bill speeds up measures to stimulate technological innovation


The intelligence leaps

Strips of mobile DNA regulate the differentiation of nerve cells

Molecular goldsmith

São Paulo network overcomes the high risk of a fiasco and clarifies the structure of 52 proteins

The chemistry of acupuncture

Needles activate neurotransmitter and protect against gastric ulcer and halts in breathing during sleep

On the surface of the earth

Botanists identify in São Paulo 7,239 species of native plants, equivalent to two thirds of Europe's flora

The mastodon and the macrauchenia

Dating the teeth helps in the reconstruction of the Northeast's megafauna


Powerful liaisons

Ceramic nanoribbons are candidates for making connections in circuits and transistors

Space for conquests

Brazil now has thrusters and catalysts, two essential components for satellites

Mopping up

Machine developed by a small company cleans endoscopes more effectively

On the waves of the sea

Port in Ceará will have an electricity generation plant developed at UFRJ


Die Hard

Authoritarianism still reigns in the Brazilian information service

Ways of prevention

A study from Cebrid helps to distinguish myth from reality in the panorama of drug use in Brazil

The Mouth that Hell does not want to shut

A biography and a new edition revive the argument concerning the libertarian Gregório de Mattos

Africa in Brazil

Film reveals the life of a slave who created a personal religion