ED. 114 | AUGUST 2005


Accident along the way

Research from the IBGE verifies that a contraction in the economy has limited technological advance in the country

Getting Stronger

Countries from within the Amazon basin discuss group measures to protect their biodiversity

A physicist at the head of the ministry

Sergio Rezende assumes Science and Technology and guarantees that he will not change his predecessor's strategies

The teacher of many generations

At 93 years of age, the emeritus professor of Esalq participates in university life and continues to diffuse phytotherapy


Studies in red

Genetic defects begin to explain the origin of sanguinity diseases of the elderly

Fascinating and terrifying

Scientists detail out the strategies for the survival of three parasites that infect illions of inhabitants in poor countries

Below the belt blows

HTLV-1 spreads like the AIDS virus and causes erectile dysfunction

The map of the winds

Air currents lead humidity or smoke from the Amazon to the Prata basin

While the rains don't arrive

Tree frog exclusive to the Caatinga lives in holes in the trees that it closes with its hard and spiny head

Cosmic yeast

The densest regions of galaxies similar to that of the Milky Way provide gas and dust for the formation of other stars


Spectrums of life

Researchers bring together optical tweezers and spectroscopy to facilitate the study of living cells

Nano Particles

New magnetic materials on a molecular scale will be useful in electronics and in medicine

Sharp sight

Sensor does a more detailed diagnosis of visual imperfections

Plastic under control

System developed at UFSCar improves the production of bottles made with polymers

All put to good use

Group of companies sets up company to process long-life packaging


Tormented nature

Project discusses the dangers of the merchandizing of science

In search of the lost Tietê

A study reveals the lifestyle surrounding the main São Paulo river at the start of the 20th century